And you thought you’d seen the last of Scott Freed, Master of Escapes!

Elisabeth and I had a full weekend of geekery.  On Friday we went to Arcane Comics for a live show of Tweet Me Harder.  The episode doesn’t appear to be available at this time, but when it is, you can actually hear me during the trivia portion.

On Saturday we went to the Emerald City ComiCon.  We stood in line at the TopatoCo booth for ages in order to see Kate Beaton and Aaron Diaz, and buy shirts from same.  There was brief talk of getting in line for Jeph Jacques, but his line seemed to encircle several booths in addition to his own, and writhed and flailed like a single gestalt organism, so I declined.

Next I bought books from Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub, who was kind enough to sing an impromptu ditty about not feeling shame as I plugged myself.


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