Posted: 2016-02-15

I wrote a book!  Here’s the cover:


I stopped writing comics for a couple reasons, one of them being limited time now I have a couple kids, but the other being that I was refocusing on writing, which I find easier to do in snippets than write and draw comics.  And now my first book is finished and for sale!

Here’s the synopsis:

“Jack Severn has a knack for encountering the magical side of reality. When he wakes up from an impromptu communal nap at a favorite Chinese restaurant, he recognizes the signature of a supernatural event. Now he’s in a race against time to find the people responsible before the secretive and powerful god of thieves decides to punish him instead. As he searches for the answers that will save his skin, he’ll be pulled even farther into the Unseen community and realize that meddling with arcane powers can be deadly, though not always to those that have it coming.”

Full details can be found here.

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